Trailer for Johannes Wohnseifer's exhibition at LRRH_, studio for textile art, at Art Cologne 2018.

Video is an animation, mixed paintings, drawings and footage, created by Hannah Stragholz and Simon Steinhorst.

Sound design is an abstract sonofication of airflow through textiles, created with a starting point in recorded windmills and breath.

spektrogram: sound design

Meet D.O.R.T.H.E. She is currently 15”, pretty pale but an incredibly warm and caring max/msp patch, that creates music from your thoughts in the form of written words and sentences. She is amazingly well connected speaking several languages with which she controls a number of mechanical machines build almost entirely out of scrap electronics. She sometimes get surprised how much really well-functioning stuff gets thrown out every day, from several reasons - one being “the new model arrived”.

One visit to the junkyard provided her with roughly $300 worth of DC and stepper-engines, plus additional heaps of little useful things.

D.O.R.T.H.E. reuses words. She analyzes them, and use them for music creation because she believes that words, sentences and phonetics have many resemblances to music. Both one to one mappings like number of letters in a word translated to a pitch in music, but also emotional states like joy, distress, happiness, discomfort and fear.

D.O.R.T.H.E. is about re-cycling. Re-cycle words - turn them into music. Re-cycle electronics and turn them into instruments.

collaboration with søren andreasen

Sound design created in collaboration with Jason Bruges Studio and JAC Studio for the installation 'Digital Ornithology', as part of the permanent exhibition at Vadehavscentret - a danish museum exhibiting wild birdlife at the 'Wadden Sea'.

Our installation is an artistic approach to the experience of being surrounded by thousands of birds, while they migrate.

The Wadden Sea is classified as UNESCO World Heritage

sound design
consultant, room acoustics / speaker installation

New interpretation of 'Cyrano de Bergerac'.
director: Yuri Butusov

Staged at Aalborg Theater

spektrogram: sound design / live sound tech.

dummykopf is a collaboration with performance artist Kirstine Lindemann.

BREATH is an important instrument we all cary with us, at all times. Few investigate it to understand it's capabilities as 'object sonore'. dummykopf releave breathng from it's obligations in the respiratory system, and let it conduct an auditory experience with tones, rythms and noise.

BREATH is a live performance with breathing and movements being processed with electronics, and spatialized in 14 speakers.

spektrogram: realtime processing and spatialization

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) explore using the computer as an instrument to perform improvised electronic music live. 

Footage is from  Deus Ex Machina, a Copenhagen based multichannel sound event, exploring the use of many loudspeakers to present live-performed electronic music. With inspiration from theater; each performance was staged in a scenography of wires and light. Each performer was at the center of the room, with the loudspeakers towards the performer. The audience was encouraged to walk around and experience the room during the performances in an attempt to dissolve the border between performer, stage and audience.

Deus Ex Machina were Initiated in 2015 by spektrogram in collaboration with  The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

spektrogram: arrangement / mix / mastering

Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra (KLO) is a playground for experimentation with technology. KLO are often fascinated by having a spatial awareness, and wanted to try out how it would affect live performances. This is an exploration 3D scanning our skulls, manipulating the model and re-projecting it back onto our skin while performing, for creating a sensation of space, inside our heads.

spektrogram: sound design / mix / mastering

Fantastic Voyage was created in collaboration with schnellebuntebilder and klingklangklong

Fantastic Voyage takes visitors on a virtual journey through the abstract interior of a sculpture. Inspired by the possibilities opened up by modern endoscopes, visitors are given a tool that brings this reactive world to life using the power of light. Their generative environment changes as they interact with it, revealing new forms and patterns and bringing the world to life. Each visitor creates their own immersive narrative. The sculpture itself is also filled with living light that mirrors the visitors’ journey of exploration and displays it to the outside world, making the exhibit into a hybrid between a sculptural artwork and a medium of communication for sharing the fantastic voyages. spektrogram helped develop software for an interactive sound scape, that creates an immersive, binaural experience.

spektrogram: audio software development

'A Day In Riyadh' was installed in UN Headquaters where high-ranking diplomats from 193 countries experienced a special media highlight during the General Assembly in New York 2016.

A 24 meter long LED wall immersed them in the modern metropolis of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

spektrogram: audio software development

in collaboration with

Rumkraft is a Copenhagen, Denmark based school and meeting space for electronic musicians.

Founded by Lasse Munk and Rasmus Kjærbo  striving to assist the communal social knowledge sharing, by offering an open space with a bunch of workshops and educational courses. 

It is possible to attend courses including creative coding using Max 7 by Cycling '74, music production with Ableton Live & Push, understanding law around intellectual property (copyright, contracts etc.) and a series of user-created workshops around the subjects of composition, music technology, electronics and performing arts.

spektrogram: sound design

Randi & Katrine were commissioned for the installation 'BETWEEN TOWERS' at the danish Museum of Modern Art, Arken.

13 large transformer towers where in a 154 meters long room, at the entrance of the museum. 

Each tower had it's own personality, communicating with the others.  

The sound design were mainly composed using synthesis on material recorded with b-field microphones. A microphone which is able to record fields of electricity.

It was diffused as drones in each of the towers, and running audio animations along the length of the room, creating the sensation of communication flow.

The levels of the constant audio were intentionally kept low, so the audience had to come close to the towers, and use their physical senses to experience the sound design, and the unique personalities of each tower.

spektrogram: sound design / speaker installation

HELIX is a sound sculpture which is an abstract consideration on how technology might be used to alter the human body - possible relationships between computer code, nano robotics and human DNA

Iron frame, computer controlled air valves, tubes and ballons.

It is a personal research in creating sound design from physical objects, with a simplistic visual aesthetic.

spektrogram: concept / production / video

Abstract animation piece created in collaboration with motion graphic designer Hodja Berlev / NEON BYTE

Research in animation video / sound design. Video describe the transition between three states of mind, inspired by smells from three different plastic containers

spektrogra: sound design / concept